Mount Agung Volcano Hiking

$ 85 USD
2 - 4 People
Mount Agung Hiking is the most challenge hiking trails which is provide you either a spectacular view and extreme adventure during your hiking adventure

Mount Batur Sunrise Hiking

$ 65 USD
2 - 4 People
Mount Batur Sunrise Hiking offer you an experience to witness the stunning sunrise with a cup of hot tea with an boiled egg cooked with natural hot steam

Caldera Batur Sunrise Hiking

$ 55 USD
2 - 4 People
Caldera Batur Hiking bring you the most unique of trekking experience. This sunrise trekking provide you double view of beautiful crater and sunrise.



Bali Hiking Adventure is hiking tour provider which is consist of professional local hikers in Bali. Our team is experienced and certified hiking guide that is very kind and flexible. It offers you an unforgettable moment and breathtaking scenery during your hiking trip. We’ll give you an adventure to satisfying your wishes. Your interests and ideas will be combined with our experience to create your own adventure because your satisfaction and enjoyment is our main goal. 

We would like to invite you to experience sustainable hiking trails. During this trip you’ll witness the best sunrise from the summit of the mountains while to keep them clean. This programs provide you the combination of uniqueness hiking trails and how to keep it out of garbage. The trip made to bring you the beautiful mountains view, the stunning sunrise, and to experience how to preserve our nature. It will be a memorable experience during your holiday in Bali.

This website is designed to get in touch with travelers who are looking for a different way of adventure and beautiful scenery of Bali. This is why it is important for us to listen to all of our customer’s needs and to satisfy their expectations.

Bali Hiking Adventure Program