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“Get your best trekking adventure with the most trustworthy Bali Trekking Guide with Us”

Bali Trekking Adventure is one of the most trustworthy Bali Trekking Guide in Bali which is consist of Balinese professional hikers. We are here to offering you the real adventure during you stay in Bali. Our team come from all around Bali that know the root of Balinese culture and all the things had been unknown by foreigners. Our ambition is to combine your interests, wishes and ideas with our experience and professional expertise to create your own adventure experience.

We provide you four types of Bali Trekking Guide such as Mount Batur Bali Trekking Guide, Batur Caldera Bali Trekking, Mount Abang Bali Trekking Guide, and Mount Agung Bali Trekking Guide. Those Bali Trekking Guide Programs have their each uniqueness and character. Each Bali Trekking Guide Programs have its advantages and disadvantages. At this time Mount Batur Bali Trekking Guide was the most favorite. However, it doesn’t mean that Mount Batur Bali Trekking Guide was the best one.

Mount Batur Trekking Guide

Mount Batur Trekking has already begun nearly 30 years ago. Outside community became interested in the result of the eruption of Mount Batur ever destroy a village called Batur Village. Since that time tourists began to be interested to see Mount Batur and explore its uniqueness.

Its easy terrain and the beautiful natural scenery is the main attraction of Mount Batur. There are countless more than 300 climbers who climb Mount Batur every day. As for certain days can even reach the thousands in a single day. This number shows us how famous Mount Batur is.

Mount Batur is very attractive, situated right in the middle of the caldera, it is like a watchtower. Eruption once was ever now serves as a frozen stretch of black lava and rocks. Located on the west and south of this mountain, it is look so beautiful. In the east you will be presented a panorama of the lake and the hills that connect with Mount Abang.

Mount Batur Trekking will spend about 2 hours away. But that time is relative, depending on your ability. There are two starting points of the ascent they are from Toyabungkah and Pura Jati. You can choose one of the starting points are more to your liking. However, we recommend that you through Toyabungkah if you want to see more amazing view. Scenic dawn to the east of Mount Batur is one of the best. These are Toyabungkah slightly to the east while the Pura Jati in the south. At the beginning of the trekking you will pass through the woods, but do not worry because this is not a scary forest. Traveling in the woods may be spent around 30 minutes away. Next is steep route where your skills will be tested because this is where the difficulty level of the actual trekking. But do not worry, because we have a team that is very reliable and very professional, always ready to serve you.

Reached the top you will see how beautiful nature around Mount Batur. Every now and then you will see the clouds as the ocean that fills the bowl of the caldera. It was time for you to wait for breakfast being prepared by your guide. Quite simply, bread/boiled eggs and a glass of hot tea. You’ll get the best boiled egg ever during the trekking because it isn’t cooked normally instead of using the hot steam bursting at some point atop Mount. While waiting for breakfast prepared you can enjoy the sunrise and the hills that surround the caldera shelf.

Finished to enjoy the breakfast and landscapes, you will be invited to a short tour of the summit of the mountain. Its take about 15 minutes to finish the short tour. You also can see the cave at the top of the mountain. It said that the cave was connected with several caves located at several locations such as Goa Gajah cave and other caves in Batur caldera.

Finished enjoying the view at the top, you will continue the journey down the mountain. Here you will realize what kind of terrain you pass during the trip earlier. The back trip was not tiring as when you are riding course. At the end of the trip you can enjoy the thrill of a natural hot spring bath in Toyabungkah while enjoying the view of the lake and surrounding hills.

Mount Batur Bali Trekking Guide Itenerary

Batur Caldera Trekking Guide, The Best Sunrise Trekking

Caldera Batur trekking presents the one route direction, namely from Hulundanu Batur temple (Songan Village) to the Terunya village. In contrast to the Mount Batur trekking, the track is almost no significant barriers. The only difficult field is located at the initial climb out of the starting point (Hulundanu Temple) to the fist stop point which spent about 30 minutes and the ending point heading to the Terunyan village. In addition, relatively gentle terrain impassable accompanied by an amazing sight. Unlike the other trekking, Batur Caldera trekking is quite relaxed with two types of main sights, namely the west and the east. On the west you will be treated to a view of a large and beautiful crater surrounded by hills. In addition, in the midst of a large crater is looming a mountain that looks blue (Mount Batur). Lake Batur adorn lips of the base of Mount Batur, which presents a fascinating natural blend. While the east side you will be treated to a view of the sea and the warmth of the morning sun shine. Sunrises from this point is very fascinating, since almost no obstructions that interfere with the beauty of the morning light. In addition, you are also presented with a distant view of Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island. Extra scenery you will catching during this trekking is the hills that looked so green covered by grass, combined with stout Mount Abang and Mount Agung which appear blue. In some parts, the dense forest will offer a beautiful crackle sound of birds that started their activities. This is an unforgettable adventure to surround the caldera.

Caldera Batur Bali Trekking Guide Itenerary

Mount Abang Trekking Guide

Mount Abang still belong to the cluster of Batur Caldera. This mountain is the connection hills surrounding the Batur Caldera. Mount Abang position is between two mountains provide an extraordinary access of scenery. However, the climbing program of this mountain is still very new and limited. This is because the least campaign carried out both by government and private parties concerned in the field of tourism destinations. Many people even say Mount Abang as “Virgin Mount”. The locals even consider this mountain as one of the sacred mountain and a place to meditate.

The condition of Mount Abang Treking is quite different compare the other mountain climbing in Bali. This trekking program provide “Jungle Adventure”, because from the beginning of the climb until the you reach the peak of the mountain you will pass through a dense tropical forests that at some point you will find a place of Hindus prayer (Ancient Pura). The calm and strategic location made this mountain suitable for meditation.

Mount Abang Bali Trekking Guide Itenerary

Mount Agung Trekking Guide

This trekking actually the best and also the hardest trekking ever exist in Bali. As the highest mountain in Bali, this trekking course will present the incredible scenery. When you are at the top you will be able to see the whole island of Bali. This is the highest peak you can achieve in Bali. Ascent to Mount Agung is not just to get a spectacular view, more than that you will get a real adventure. Rough terrain and long climbing time is the most enemy you have conquered. Fit endurance and excellent physical condition are required to conquer this “sacred tower”.

Mount Agung Bali Trekking Guide Itenerary

Mount Agung Bali Trekking Guide Itenerary

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