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Bali Hiking Adventure |The Caldera Fulfill of Cloud

Caldera is located in the district of Kintamani Bangli regency of Bali Province. This object is still within the World Geopark Network Caldera. The object itself is located adjacent to Mount Batur, precisely on the east side of Mount Batur is only separated by a valley of Songan Village and Lake Batur. If calculated, the distance between the starting point of Mount Batur trekking with the starting point Caldera Batur trekking is only about 10 km.

Caldera Batur The Best Sunrise Trekking
Bali Trekking Adventure | The Summit of Caldera

Batur caldera is a group of hills formed from the eruption of ancient Mount Batur . The hills cluster together to form a large disk that is connected to one another. This caldera like a bowl of land which magnificent terrain in each part. Caldera is mostly covered by forest plants, especially in the eastern part of the caldera. However it is not a primary forest that can’t be explored. The existence of settlements spread around the caldera force the population to create the footpath connecting to each settlement. The footpaths which later became the forerunner of the hiking trail in Batur caldera.

Bali Trekking Adventure | Having Fun at The Summit
Bali Trekking Adventure | Having Fun at The Summit

Caldera Batur trekking presents the one route direction, namely from Hulundanu Batur temple (Songan Village) to the Terunya village. In contrast to the Mount Batur trekking, the track is almost no significant barriers. The only difficult field is located at the initial climb out of the starting point (Hulundanu Temple) to the fist stop point which spent about 30 minutes and the ending point heading to the Terunyan village. In addition, relatively gentle terrain impassable accompanied by an amazing sight. Unlike the other trekking, Batur Caldera trekking is quite relaxed with two types of main sights, namely the west and the east. On the west you will be treated to a view of a large and beautiful crater surrounded by hills. In addition, in the midst of a large crater is looming a mountain that looks blue (Mount Batur). Lake Batur adorn lips of the base of Mount Batur, which presents a fascinating natural blend. While the east side you will be treated to a view of the sea and the warmth of the morning sun shine. Sunrises from this point is very fascinating, since almost no obstructions that interfere with the beauty of the morning light. In addition, you are also presented with a distant view of Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island. Extra scenery you will catching during this trekking is the hills that looked so green covered by grass, combined with stout Mount Abang and Mount Agung which appear blue. In some parts, the dense forest will offer a beautiful crackle sound of birds that started their activities. This is an unforgettable adventure to surround the caldera.

Bali Trekking Adventure | The Trip Back by Bout
Bali Trekking Adventure | The Trip Back by Bout

For the trip back, there are some alternatives that we can offer. You can return to the starting point (Hulundanu Temple) from the Terunyan village using the boat while you are visiting the graves of Terunyan Village. You can also go to Toyabungkah to bathe in hot springs. Another option is to have your back without visiting the objects earlier. It all depends on your travel plans and your conditions.


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