Nyepi Day, The Silent Day in Bali

There is a Hindu tradition in Bali known as the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana which mean to keep the harmony and balance between human and God creator, between human and other human, and between human and the nature. The Balinese people have treated the environment nicely. They believe and trust that god environment will bring a better life too. This is the local wisdom of how they appreciate the nature. This is an important concept that we can learn from the Balinese people. Let’s use the philosophy as our inspiration and strength that we can use and take advantage of for our future.

Nyepi Day
Bali Hiking Adventure | Nyepi Day as Silent Day in Bali

Once year, people in Bali island celebrate Nyepi day. Nyepi come from the word Sepi in Bahasa Indonesia or Sipeng in Balinese language that means quite. For about 24 hours all people in Bali stop their activities and the busy island becomes quite, calm, and peaceful. No electricity, no entertainment, no fire, and not treveling. The island become very quite and every body remains in each of their houses. No clubs, no shops or restaurants are open. Hotels or other types of accommodation still open and continue their operation but in quite and very low sound and less lighting during the night. This Nyepi day is to celebrate the coming of the new Caka year as Balinese Hindus Calender.

NYEPI SEGARA, LOCAL TRADITION IN NUSA PENIDA, NUSA LEMBONGAN AND NUSA CENINGAN  (There is different kind of local tradition at the same meaning)

If on the main Island of Bali, Nyepi is the celebration of the coming of new Caka year, but it’s different to the local people at three island of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan who have Nyepi day, but their Nyepi is called Nyepi Segara. These three Islands are still part of the whole island of bali which includes the Klungkung regency. All islands can only be reached by using traditional boat or fast boat from Sanur, Padang Bay, Kusamba and Benoa harbor. These three islands are also called Nusa Gede.

Basically, how they do it is almost the same as celebration of the Nyepi day in the main island of Bali. People who live on these three islands have local wisdom to kepp the balance of their nature by doing this Nyepi Segara (ocean). For about 24 hours any kind of activity on the ocean is stopped. To the people of Nusa Gede Nyepi Segara this is one of their ways to show their appreciation of the nature, especially to the ocean that surrounds their islands.

That tradition of Nyepi Sefara is said to have started of since 1600 during the rule of Dalem Waturenggong King, which takes place on Purnama kapat the forth full moon of the Balinese calendar. According to the Bendesa adat (the traditional village headman) of Nusa Penida. I wayan Sukasta said that Nyepi Segara is one of their way to honor Dewa Baruna as the guardian of the ocean, where during the Nyepi Segara is being held on the forth full moon, they believed Dewa Baruna is doing is Yoga and meditation to create tirta amertha the holy waterfor the whole human life in the universe. During this period they believe they do the Nyepi Segara not to disturb the Yoga and meditation process of Dewa Baruna.

Same as the Nyepi day on the main island of Bali, a day before the Nyepi day is called Pengrupukan, the people of Nusa Gede do Mepepada to bless the universe and throw offerings to the ocean. The whole ceremonies always being done in Pura Dalem Ped or Pura Batu Medau in turn, because both of those temples are the biggest temple existing in Nusa Gede.

During the Nyepi Segara, if any body does’t follow the regulation, there will never be any physical punishment to the guilty person, if until they got caught. But the punishment will be in psychological form and will be really hard to the guilty party since the community will talk about and the reputation of the person will be go down. According to the agreement between the there islands the regulation not to touch the ocean during Nyepi Segara is being obeyed very much by all the villagers. But all activities on land are still carried out is normal, because the Nyepi Segara is only dedicated to the ocean.

The activity on the ocean is stopped not only in the island of Nusa Gede, but also all marine activity from and to Nusa Gede island also will stop. All operatrs of marine activity around this area support this activity. In one of interview with Representing management of Waka group who also has marine activity and resort management that located on Nusa Lembongan Island – Farida Suwarko the Director of sales said that at least 2 weeks before the Nyepi Segara takes place they have already given an announcement to the travel agents and torists who m,ostly come by direct booking, the walking guest and those who book via internet. They will inform as per the date local village will do the Nyepi Segara. And to the guest who dosen’t know about the celebaration and the regulation of Nyepi Day, they advise to extend their stay one more night. Along these times they never received any complains from the guests regarding Nyepi Segara. Even the guests become more interested with the celebration since they never heard about it or never fell how it will be, they even more interested to try a unique experience that they can never have themselves in their coutry. “Can’t be seen in the world just in Bali”: they said. Until now they all enjoyed it very much. During the Nyepi Segara taking place all guest activities have to remain inside the resort area. Besides swimming quietly, they can still enjoy sunbathing inside the resort area which is designed so you fell you are on the beach.


Tenganan Village is an ancient village known as one of tourist destinations in bali, famous for its unique culture and tradition. The strength, the trust and the people’s hard work to maintain and keep all kind of traditions that have been passed on from their great ancestor to them. All these have made this village very rich with many kinds of cultural legacy. For example, how they arrange their residences, organized well at the same size, in line neatly complete with the rules and the regulation that they continue from the first time the village existed. The famous Geringsing – a traditional double weaving, artist who writes on palm leaf and some special ceremony that only happened in their village are among other interesting part that you living culture, a living library that can never be boring to study and observe.

Nyepi in Tenganan
Bali Hiking Adventure | The Situation of Tenganan Village during Nyepi Day

One of other things that you find intyersting is a special Nyepi day that happens at this village. You have heard about the usual Nyepi day throughout Bali, there is also Nyepi Segara that take place in Klungkung regency which is only for the marine area. But for Tenganan they have Nyepi Desa (Desa means village) – so it happens only for this village. They Nyepi day that takes places generally for Bali island is to celebrate the coming of the Caka year. Nyepi has 4 basic rules that are : Amati Geni – not doing activity that involve fire or any order power source, Amati Karya – not doing any work or activity, Amati Lelungan – not doing any journey or going out from the house, the last one is Amati Lelanguan – not doing entertainment activity.

And for the Nyepi Desa which is only done by Tenganan Village, there is some point that is different to regular Nyepi Day. The difference is in how they do it. In Tenganan during Nyepi Day no one is allowed to dig any holes, they not allowed to cry and they also not allowed to laugh either.

Whatever the differences are, Nyepi Desa Tenganan is one of great traditions that passed on from the very first generation of the villagers who are also Balinese people. He said that to keep the balance of the nature it is very important for a better life in the future. As written on top: “can’t be seen in around the world, just in Bali”, so welcome to Bali – the island where you can find how to balance of your life.   

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