Batur as a Part of Global Geopark Network

Batur Caldera Geopark – Mount Batur hills of Payang designated as Natural Park in 2011. A year later UNESCO assign Batur Caldera as part of a Global Geopark Network (GGN). This is the first geopark in Indonesia. Determination of Batur caldera as part of the Global Geopark Network along with three other geopark they are the Bakony-Balaton (Hungary), Geological and Mining Park in Catalonia (Spain), and a group of high mountain in Jiangxi Province (China). Overall, the current total of 91 sites in 27 countries have been included in this network.

Caldera Batur
Bali Hiking Adventure | Caldera Batur Filled With Cloud

Geopark is one of the concepts of sustainable development in the region. Batur caldera was elected as a member of the Global Geopark Network. Indonesia was elected as a model for the development of natural resources in a holistic manner. The three main elements of the natural resources of geology, biology and culture fully packaged and integrated within the geopark concept. Pillared geopark development goals on three main objectives are conservation, education and growth of the value of the local economy through tourism utilization.

In line with the principles of sustainable tourism that is applied throughout the world, geo-education program, geo-conservation, and growth in the value of the local economy through tourism should be improved and realized in accordance with the goals and objectives of establishing a geopark. Geopark concept became one of the appropriate instruments to build a sustainable manner the region through tourism. Batur Global Geopark development can serve as a national example of how to manage natural resources consist of sites of geological, biological, cultural and tangible-intangible heritage more holistically (integrated, cross-sector).

Geopark Batur
Bali Hiking Adventure | Geopark Batur from Mt. Agung by FreeMags

Batur caldera presents various tourism potential that can be packaged in a single unit with the geopark. Located in Kintamani Tourism Area, Geopark Batur very crowded domestic and foreign tourists visited. Seeing the beauty of the sunrise from the summit of 1,717-meter high mountain, become a major attraction for tourists. Another uniqueness of Geopark Batur is certainly a stretch of rocks that cover the entire surface of the caldera. The black rock is frozen lava resulting from the eruption of Mount Batur in the past. Another object of interest is Lake Batur. Crescent-shaped lake is located at the foot of Mount Batur, precisely in the southeast. Across the lake, there is an ancient Balinese called Trunyan Village. People who died were not buried or burned, but will be put to sleep on a dirt floor under the shade of a tree called Tarumenyan. These tourism potentials are an important part of the geopark to create local economic potential.

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