Badung Regency, The Most Massive Tourism Area in Bali

Badung Regency extends in a narrow ribbon from the central uplands in the north of the island to the Bukit Badung, in the south. This regency become very famous as the best tourism destination because Kuta village is part of this regency, that famous for its beach, sunset, shoping center, many hotels, restaurants and clubs. But not only that, Badung regency also has Nusa Dua with variety of high class hotels, there also Bukit area with its spectacular view and location of the beaches, Tuban area where the International Airport located and at the north part of regency there are many interesting places to be visited. The list start from: Taman Ayun, Pura Sada Kapal, Sangeh Monkey Forest, Pelaga Agro Wisata and many more. There also some palaces and traditional villages that worth to have a visit while around this regency.

Ngurah Ray Air Port, Badung Regency
Ngurah Ray Air Port, Source: gogopiclibrary

There are three villages as tourism destination, which not many tourism information sheets mentioned about these villages: Baha, Sedang and Mambal, but there are worth to be visited. It will make a proud feeling if we can tell an interesting experience that we had from our holiday to friends and family back home, that they haven’t experience before.


Located at the north part of Badung Regency, this village has a unique tourism destination, only 7 minute drive from the famous tourism site Taman Ayun. Desa Baha or Baha Village has uniqueness where the entire entrance gate to each houses of the villagers has the same, shapes, model and design from one house to another. There is also Beji tample that has a fuction wherr all the villagers taking their holy water for ceremony purpose. The beauty of the water fountain, the unique architecture in the middle of calm breeze and shadow atmosphere has become very interesting part from this site.

Baha Village, Badung Regency
Baha Village Source: Badung Tourism Agency

From Baha village we will take you heading east part of Sedang Village and Bindu Mekar Bhuana Village. The direction is the same way to go to the famous Ubud Village. In Sedang Village we will take you to visite one palace that Badung regency has at the north part of its territory. The palace is quite small but they are still doing all the tradition, regulation and the way of life is other palace in Bali should do. The name of the palace is the same name of the village-Puri Sedang.

the existing “status” of the palace in the middle of the modern era today, to the new generation that life in this era. The palace where hundreds years ago were a “Palace” to the king who govern the area in each of their era until now is still kept, maintained and well preserved. Even though during the daily life activity there is no more any King in the Palace. But there are many things that still concern about the palace are counted taken in consideration to the village government. The functions of the palace to give protection and good simple to the people still exist until now. Event though the functions is not as “King” in this national governmental period, but the continuing generations of the king from the Palace are still respected by the villagers, taken as sample and to be a good sample to the villagers. The same thing happened to the big family of “Puri Sedang”.

As described by I Gusti Ngurah Anom Bajawintara or Aji Anom with 2 other brothers. In the daily life in the society the still have to face to the village tradition, social and culture activity. By still being trusted and counted by the village member to give advice and solution, made these three brothers really have to be able to do their “duty” as the palace generation.

The Palace buildings with each of their function that already exist from hundreds years ago have been kept and well maintained, functioned well as each of their function until now. One of buildings called Bale Betel, is a tiny building with only one room with two entrance door that face to each other. At the old time “Bale Betel” was a room where believed that the room used to deceive the enemy. The building has the same function as fortress. The building is well kept until now just the function already not as before. The building architecture using European style and it still stand strong until now besides other building inside the palace.

A different experience you will get from Jeroan Bindu. Try to know more deep the Balinese people way of life by staying overnight at Jeroan Bindu in traditional house of the local people of Bindu village, which kept maintain as the shape and the function of a traditional house of Bali. Here yoy will witness and experience by yourself the daily activity and how the shape of the building look like and what is each of them are functioned. The building name like Bale Delod ( south building), Bale Dangin (east building), Bale Daja (north building), Paon (Kitchen) also Meajan (family temple) Balinese kitchen or Merajan (family temple). As one of visitors Ben and Amanda from Australia sid: ”it has been great to learn about you Balinese way of life”. Don’t missed also the experience of having a cup of tea and a cup of Balinese Coffe accompanied by tasty and tempting Balinese cakes.


Although it is consider located at the countryside out Sedang and Bindu village are not isolated villages. Is it not difficult to find facilities like a place to stay to enjoy your holiday. Besides its very close to Ubud which only about 20 km, in this villages already available an exclusive accommodation named Furama Xclusive Villas & Spa. Located in two hectares of land, they have 41 unit rooms which categorized in to Deluxe Pool Villas, Royal Pool Villas, Lagoon Poll Villas and Spa Pool Villas. The unique thing from the resort is the Lagoon Pool Villas, where the guests who stay in this category, directly able to jump to the swimming pool that located right in front of their bedrooms that have a direct acces to the lagoon. By realizing their location that is not the middle of main tourism area like Kuta and Ubud, so the resort has disegned to full fill all the visitors need during during their holiday, so the visitor will never feel that they are staying in a quite place. This resort is designed to draw you into an inviting and memorable holiday experience. If you decide to enjoy a new experience on your holiday, visit Sedanng and Bindu village can be one of choices that you can make.


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