Five Hiden Paradise in Bali which Rarely Known by Foreigner

This Five Bali Paradise Will be One of Your Memorable Experience during Your Holyday in Bali

Bali Paradise – Bali is one of the most enjoyable tourist destinations in the world.  Known as the island of the gods It serves a variety of world-class attractions. The island provides almost all kinds of tours, both nature and cultural. Every part of Bali presents beautiful and fascinating attractions that you could enjoy. Traveler know the island of Bali as a world-class tourist which serve beauty, comfort and pleasure. The world class objects such as Kuta Beach, Ubud, Sanur Beach, Nusa Dua and many others.

However, did you know that there are so many fascinating attractions which is still very little known by traveler. Hereby five world-class tourist attraction (Bali paradise) that is rarely known.


The first hidden paradise in Bali is Geger Beach. This beach is located in southern Bali, exactly in the district of South Kuta, Badung. The beach is fairly quiet with small waves, soft sand and surrounded by big rocks as caves make the beach look so beautiful. It is fit to be the shooting location. In addition this beach also providing a beautiful sunrise during the morning.

Located in Benoa village, Geger beach becomes one of new tourist destinations makes many travelers want to visit. Unlike other beaches that are crowded and bustling, it is very quiet. Clean white sand beaches stretching to hundreds of meters seem like a stretch tapestry welcoming travelers who want to lie and sunbathe on it. This is because around the region are not filled with craft shops, restaurants, cafes, discotheques uproar especially as seen in some wide famous beach of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak.

Bali Hiking Adventure | Geger Beach as Hiden Paradise in Bali
Bali Hiking Adventure | Geger Beach as Hidden Paradise in Bali

Tranquility and beauty of the contours of the rock on the shoreline of calm wave made the atmosphere so romantic. No wonder the beach Geger become one of the favorite places for new couples to enjoy their honeymoon. Typically, newlywed couples are very fond of lying together in the sand that resembles grains of pepper.

Other tourist activities to do at the beach is swimming and fishing especially during the low tide. The rocks that appear looks like steps are intentionally provided to enter into and enjoy the underwater scenery. Either morning or afternoon water of the beach is warm that makes a lot of travelers like showers linger. One other thing that attract tourists is the presence of a camel riding tour around the coast.

Bali Hiking Adventure | Geger Beach as Hiden Paradise in Bali
Bali Hiking Adventure | Geger Beach as Hidden Paradise in Bali



The second hidden paradise in Bali is Tenganan. Tenganan traditional village located in East Bali, exactly in Manggis District, Karangasem regency. Tenganan is one of the traditional villages whose inhabitants of Balinese native. They are already in Bali before the Majapahit Kingdom come to Bali known as Bali Mula. Refers to historical literature the word “Tenganan” take from the world “Ngatengahang” which means moving into the middle or inside. The people of Tenganan live in the middle of the hills which refers the mean of “Ngatengahang”.

Bali Paradise | Tenganan as Hiden Paradise in Bali
Bali Paradise | Tenganan as Hidden Paradise in Bali

Tenganan as The Most Unique Village in Bali

Tenganan village has unique characteristics because they still hold to the tradition, culture and village regulations called “awig awig” they followed since the 11th century. Even rural communities also maintain the purity of their peoples descendant by marriage fellow villagers. This is what makes this village remains traditional and exotic although the community Tenganan also receive input foreign cultures.

Bali Paradise | Traditional Costume of Tenganan Bali
Bali Paradise| Tenganan as Hidden Paradise in Bali

Once we were inside the village, a sense of security and peace we can feel the friendliness of the villagers. We can wander into the village area and watch their daily activities. In the area of the village we can see the people who worked to make various handicrafts. We can also see people who were weaving cloth Geringsing with double ikat technique which is the only one in Indonesia.

In this village we will see how the citizens did they activities like buying and selling among fellow citizens where they are still using the barter system. Appropriate that they called Bali Mula. During the afternoon, after residents finish their activities, they gathered in front of their homes and gathered together some other exit. At that time we can see the behavior and traditional culture of Bali Mula. We will see the history at the present time. A very memorable experience when we come to this village.


The third hidden paradise in Bali is Sekumpul Waterfall. If you are really adventurous, here’s your chance to try another challenge. The waterfall is not totally unknown but the access is quite difficult. You have to travel many slippery stairs and cross the river to see the waterfalls up close. You might ask locals people to take you to the waterfall with little fee and they will take you location where you can see the beauty this waterfall. The interesting view of Sekumpul waterfall is the seven falls towering about 50 meters.

Bali Paradise | Sekumpul as Hiden Paradise in Bali
Bali Paradise | Sekumpul as Hidden Paradise in Bali

You had to descend hundreds of steps and crossed the river to approach this waterfall. We recommend you to wear shorts and sandals which is convenient when visiting Sekumpul waterfall because you have to cross the river to get in front of the waterfall. It needs a bit effort to reach this beautiful waterfall.


The fourth hidden paradise in Bali is Menjangan Island. With a stretch of white sandy beaches and colorful underwater gardens, Menjangan Island is the perfect definition of the natural beauty of the underwater part of the West Bali. Located about 10 km off the coast of Northwest Bali, Menjangan small island is part of the West Bali National Park (TNBB). The word ‘Menjangan’ in Javanese means ‘deer’. The name is based on the presence of a herd of wild deer swam to the island within 1,2 miles each spring.

Bali Paradise | Menjangan as Hiden Paradise in Bali
Bali Paradise | Menjangan as Hiden Paradise in Bali

In in 1978 diving activity was first engaged seriously in Bali when the Indonesian Navy was sponsored a gathering with diving clubs in Indonesia. The event became the starting point as the mainstay of international diving locations. As an uninhabited island, Menjangan have not any accommodation as lodging, restaurants, shops, and more. The need for accommodation is available at the nearby islands in the surrounding area of West Bali National Park (TNBB).

Bali Paradise | Menjangan as Hiden Paradise in Bali
Bali Paradise | Menjangan as Hiden Paradise in Bali



The last but not the worst hiden paradise in Bali is Tulamben. Tulamben is a small fishing village located in the northeast of Bali, Karangasem regency. The village transformed into scuba diving and snorkeling destination. It start 60 years ago when an American cargo ship named USAT Liberty shot by a Japanese submarine. The shipwreck along with coral into a mosaic between biota and historical heritage. You might also enjoy the underwater scenery in Tulamben with the snorkel equipment because the vessel can be seen with depth of 5 meters view.

Bali Paradise | Tulamben as Hiden Paradise in Bali
Bali Paradise | Tulamben as Hiden Paradise in Bali

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