Bali Hiking Tips and Advice

Bali Hiking Tips

Bali Hiking Tips | Vacation to Bali is not always about how to spend time at the beach, enjoying a unique Balinese culinary, watching Balinese cultural performances or  shopping any Balinese handicrafts. Going to Bali means that you have to enjoy the natural fascination of Bali. How do you spend your time during your holiday in Bali? Hiking is one of the fun activities you might do. Hereby I describe 5 Bali Hiking Tips and Advice you might consider before making the climb in Bali.

1. Know the object you want to hike

The first Bali Hiking Tips you might consider is knowing about the characteristics of the object you want to climb is the most important thing you should know before deciding to make the climb. Each place or object has different characteristics in terms of its attractions, its fascination, its trimmings or even the level of comfort. The little information to know where you want to climb, then you could do better preparation. For example, where you’ll climb is a very cool place, then of course you need a thick jacket for climbing. You can find information about the object that you will visit over the internet. Nowadays almost all the objects in Bali can be found on the internet.  If you can not find this information then you can ask for information on the tour provider you will hire. You have to actively ask for the information.

2. Weather

The second Bali Hiking Tips you might consider is weather. It is one of the important things you should consider before making the climb. Indonesia is a tropical country which has a two-season. It would be very unwise if you choose to do climbing activities in the rainy season. We strongly encourage you to do the climb in the dry season. Even if you’ve already come to Bali in the dry season you have to look at the weather forecast before making the climb. Mistakes often made by climbers are they not consider the weather factor and still make the climb even in rainy conditions. If you already are in Bali when the rainy season you should inquire and ask your tour provider certainty that you really can make the climb.

3. Know Your Limit

The third Bali Hiking Tips you might consider is your physical limit. There are many hike type you might be done in Bali, such as mild hike as walking on the edge of the paddy fields, hike through the forest until even a heavy climbing ascent of Mount Agung. Before you deciding to make the climb you have to know your physical limit first so that you can predict what type of climbing you need. It is very important that you get to experience a hike that really you can enjoy.

4. Outfit and appropriate equipment

The fourth Bali Hiking Tips you might consider is outfit and equipment. Doing climbing also requires the right outfit and equipment. You have to really pay attention to how the right clothes that you need to use in climbing. If you want to climb a mountain in Bali, then you should know that every mountain in Bali definitely have cold temperature especially in its summit. Then you should prepare warm clothes but still comfortable. Do not let you can’t enjoy the climb just because you are not comfortable with your outfits. Equipment also is another important factor that you need to think about. Climbing a mountain in Bali usually begins early in the morning, so you must bring a flashlight for street lighting. In addition you can also use a stick to facilitate you in the ascent.

5. Budget

Another important thing you need to consider is budget. For those of you who did come on holiday with a limited budget then you need to consider this very wisely. You should know that there are many tour operators which is provide hiking services pick up from your hotel to location of the ascent, provides a tour guide and other services. Generally there are two types of operators to pledge that is private and sharing. The difference is of course the convenience. For those of you that the purse is more than enough of course very precisely select the private operator where the service is very good and just for you alone. But for those of you whose capital is limited necessarily sharing is the best choice. To operators providing sharing services you will be combined with other tourists that the amount can be tens to dozens and the service would also be limited.

Five Bali Hiking Tips and Advice You Might Read Before Decide to Make Climbing

Those 5 Bali Hiking Tips and Advice you might consider before deciding to make climbing in Bali. Be sure to read this first as you reference to get your best hiking trip during your holiday in Bali.