6 Things You Have to Know for Mount Batur Trekking Trails

Mount Batur Trekking Trails

Mount Batur Trekking Trails is one of the most popular hiking in Bali. Its present a beautiful sunrise and unique experience during the trekking trip. Do you have any interest or have plan to make adventure over this mountain? So, you need to read this 6 Things You Have to Know before deciding for Mount Batur hiking trip.

1. Mount Batur is an Active Volcano

Mount Batur is one of the active volcano in Bali. Until now Mount Batur is still active even in a very small scale. Based on the results of a team of volcanologists recording, the number of vibrations of small volcanic eruption is dozens each day. So whether Mount Batur Trekking Trails is dangerous to do? Although still considered an active volcano but almost no large-scale eruption that occurred during the last decade and a half. Even if there is volcanic vibrations as recorded by seismographs, it’s just a small vibration that does not even smoke. For those of you who are afraid to be exposed to a flow of lava eruptions during the hike, then you do not need to worry because you will not find it.

2. Its Dark, Totally Dark

If you think that climbing Mount Batur is an exciting adventure with breathtaking views, then you will be slightly disappointed. Mount Batur Trekking Trails that began early morning will be very dark and really dark. During the ascent to the summit you won’t find any beautiful view as you will see only the darkness of night. If you’ve decided to make the climb to Mount Batur then you should prepare a flashlight as one of the compulsory equipment you should take it.

3. Easy Trails

If you look at photos of people who have reached the summit of Mount Batur, mainly using GoPro cameras, then you will see a terrible street scene. A very small road surrounded by ravine on the left and right seem so terrible. In fact if you’ve reached the top, the way it looks so awful in the photo will not be found. The road is quite large and easy to pass trough.

4. There is no Sunrise, Just Cloud

If you wish to see the sunrise, so you can be disappointed. For those of you who are less fortunate, when you reached the summit, all around you will be covered with clouds. Not infrequently clouds cover the summit of Mount Batur, so you can not watch the view of the sunrise in the summit of Mount Batur. But if you are lucky enough then the clouds would cover the bottom of the mountain and you will see the sunrise so beautiful plus a view of the caldera cloud cover.

5. Unique Breakfast Experience

One of the interesting experiences during Mount Batur Trekking Trails is you can feel the warmth of the naturally poached eggs on a hot steam at the summit of Mount. Since It is still active, hot steam will always appear every morning that can be used to boil an egg as your breakfast.

6. Its Cold, Very Cold

During the ascent you might sweat and feel hot. But not so with the top. If you’ve reached the top before sunrise, then you will have free time to rest while waiting for sunrise. But as time goes by you will feel cold. The temperature at the summit is very cold, therefore you should prepare proper clothes so that you can enjoy the climbing you do.

“6 Thing You Have to Know About Mount Batur Trekking Trails”

Those are 6 Thing You Have to Know before deciding to make a hike on Mount Batur Trekking Trails. Please be sure to read it first so you might prepare very well and got your best hiking adventure for your holiday.