7 Thing You Should Know for Mount Agung Trekking

Mount Agung Trekking Trails

Mount Agung Trekking Trails – Do you an adventurer? If yes, you have to make the climb to Mount Agung. Why? Because Mount Agung is the highest mountain and also the toughest to be conquered. Before you decide to make the climb of this mount, a good idea to read the first 7 things you must know about Mount Agung. Here is his review.

1.  Highest mountain in Bali

There are 4 mountains that can be climbed in Bali they are Mount Batur, Mount Abang, Mount Batu Karu and Mount Agung. During your vacation in Bali you may get so many offers of Bali Hiking Package, but you should know that any of them isn’t conducted on the mountain. Some of them carried out in the hills, rice fields and forest. The interesting thing about Mount Agung Trekking Trails are that this mountain provide the most challenge and highest mountain in Bali. Based on the measurements, the height of Mount Agung reaches 3,031 meters. Suppose you have successfully climbed the highest point of the mountain, then you had conquered the highest point on the island of Bali.

2.  Extreme Temperature and Bad Weather

Another important thing you should know is this mountain has extreme temperatures. Usually the ascent to Mount Agung in starting around 00.00 am. At the start of the climb was not so cold temperatures, you might think of using T-shirts and shorts are the right choice. But you need to consider your ideas because some parts before reaching the summit, the temperature can reach 0 degrees Celsius or even minus degrees Celsius. In addition you will also be confronted by the strong winds. A lethal combination to conquer the summit of this mountain.

3. There are Two Hiking Paths

Ascent to Mount Agung can be done through two channels, namely through the ascent of Pura Besakih in Rendang district and Pura Pasar Agung in Selat district. You need to carefully choose which path will you choose. If you use a tour operator, please make sure you ask first which path to use. This path difference is in the distance, trails difficulty and the peak. If you choose through Pura Besakih, you will go through a longer distance but will arrive at the top. But if you choose the passing lane of Pura Pasar Agung then you will not arrive at the summit, but the passing lane closer.

4. Its Take About 12 Hours

If you choose to make the climb through path Pura Pasar Agung, your travel time of about 3 hours to reach the top and 2.5 hours to get to the starting point of climbing. However, if you choose to through Pura Besakih, then reached the peak travel time of about 6-7 hours and 5 hours to get to the starting point of the climb.

5. You Might Camping on Mount Agung

The duration of the trip through Pura Besakih often used by climbers to camp at the midpoint of Gunung Agung (Kori Agung). Usually they will depart on the morning of Pura Besakih and achieve Kori Agung around noon. They will spend the night with camping, before they continue their journey towards dawn. For those of you who are not so strong to make the climb, this is the best option that you can choose.

6. The stunning scenery ???

The beautiful view is something relative if you have reached the top of Mount Agung. Located at an altitude of 3,031 makes a flat view of the island of Bali. No interesting view of the plains of the island, but if you look to the north part you will find an extraordinary views of the caldera. The combination of blue sky combine with barren view of the top of the mountain gives an magnificent combination. But for me, what’s most interesting of Mount Agung Trekking Trails is the experience.

7. Mount Agung is the Holy Mountain Hindus

Mount Agung is a sacred place of Hindus in Bali. They believe that Mount Agung is the palace of the gods so that the mountain is purified. Shrines built on mountain slopes as the embodiment of devotional of Hindus people, like Besakih and Pura Pasar Agung. However, at the top there is also a temple but not built like other ostensibly, so that many Hindus who pray in the ascent to the summit of Mount Agung.

“7 Thing You Have to Know About Mount Agung Trekking Trails”

Those are 7 Thing You Have to Know before deciding to make a hike on Mount Agung Trekking Trails. Please be sure to read it first so you might prepare very well and got your best hiking adventure for your holiday.