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Get your Bali Trekking Package with Bali Hiking Adventure

Bali Trekking Package is trekking tour activity managed by Bali Hiking Adventure. We offer you the real and the best trekking ever during you stay in Bali. Our team come from all around Bali that know the root of Balinese culture and all the things unknown by foreigners. Our ambition is to combine your interests, wishes and ideas with our experience and professional expertise to create your own adventure experience.

We provide you four types of Bali Trekking Package such as Mount Batur TrekkingBatur Caldera TrekkingMount Abang Trekking, and Mount Agung Trekking. Those trekking trip have their each uniqueness, characteristic, and its advantages and disadvantages.


Mount Batur Trekking provide an easy terrain with beautiful scenery. There are more than 300 climbers hike this mount every day. This trekking spent about 2 hours away to get the summit. The peak of Mount Batur provide you the most unique view. The combination of surrounding ridge, green lake and beautiful sunrise presented during your breakfast time. In the summit our guide will prepare your best breakfast. You’ll be given boiled egg which isn’t cooked normally instead of using the hot steam bursting from the mountain.

Finished to enjoy the breakfast and the beautiful scenery, our guide will invite you short tour on the summit. Its take about 15 minutes to finish this short tour. You might also seen the cave at the top of the mountain. The Cave connected with several caves located at several locations such as Goa Gajah cave and other caves in Batur caldera.

Finished to enjoy the view at the top, you will continue to descent way. The hike down was not so tiring as the hike up. The end of this trekking is Natural Hot Spring. You could refresh your mind and body with natural steam while enjoying the view of the lake and surrounding ridge.

Bali Trekking Package | Mount Batur Trekking
Bali Trekking Package | Mount Batur Trekking


Caldera Batur trekking presents the one route direction start from Hulundanu Batur temple and also finish at the same place. This trekking is quite relax combine with easy terrain and two types of main sights. On the west you is presented a view of a large and beautiful crater surrounded by hills. In the midst of a large crater is looming a blue mountain (Mount Batur). While the east side is presented a view of the sea and beautiful sunrise. This trekking provide a very fascinating sunrise. It is also provide you a great view of Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island. You’ll get another experience during this trekking a beautiful crackle sound of birds which is started their activities.

Caldera Sunrise Trekking
Bali Trekking Package | Caldera Batur Trekking


Mount Abang located between two mountains which is provide an extraordinary view. The lack of a campaign conducted by the government and the private sector led to the ascent of Mount Abang is not widely known and attractive to tourists. A lot of people called Mount Abang as virgin mount. The local people consider this mountain as one of the sacred mountain.

The condition of Mount Abang Treking is quite different compare the other mountain in Bali. This trekking provide you jungle experience. This trekking will pass through a dense tropical forests combine with holy place of Hindus (Ancient Pura). The calm and strategic location made this mountain is very suitable for meditation.

Mount Abang Trekking
Bali Trekking Package | Mount Abang Trekking


This trekking actually the best and also the hardest ever exist in Bali. As the highest mountain in Bali, this trekking course will present the incredible scenery. When you are at the top you will be able to see the whole island of Bali. This is the highest peak you can achieve in Bali. The ascent to Mount Agung is not just to get a spectacular view. Through this trekking you will get a real adventure. You have to conquer rough terrain and long climbing time as your enemy during this hiking. Fit endurance and excellent physical condition are required to get the summit of this “sacred tower”.

Mount Agung Volcano Hiking
Bali Trekking Package | Mount Agung Trekking

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